United Jewish Communities History

The history of United Jewish Community (UJC) nonprofit organization can be dated back to 1999 when the United Jewish Appeal (UJA), the Council of Jewish Federations (CJF) and the United Israel Appeal (UIA) decided to come together and formed an organization by name (UJC). The early history of UJC is entwined in the histories of these three individual organizations, before they merged into one.

The UJA was formed in 1939. Its main purpose was to help the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, the united Palestine Appeal and the National Refugee service in fund raising efforts and thus benefit the European Jews. It helped in the resettlement of the 370,000 Jews to the United States. It still functions as an independent unit helping the UJC.

The Council for Jewish Federations (CJF) was first created as the National Council of Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds. It was renamed as CJF in 1932. Its primary intent was to raise funds and address the needs of the Jewish Communities, both at local as well as the national level although not internationally.

The United Israel Appeal (UIA) was formed in 1925 in order to ease the efforts of fund raising of the Haddasah and Hebrew University, Jewish National Fund and the United Palestine Appeal. It was named the United Israel Appeal in 1952. It has served and continues to serve as a bridge that connects the American Jewish Community and Palestine (Israel). In 1973, it secured grant money from the United States Government for resettlement of Jewish people to Israel.

After the formation of UJC in 1999, the organization has conducted many services and programs for the benefit of Jewish community. The Tag-lit Birthright Israel (2000), Ethiopian National Project (ENP, 2001), Masa Israel (2003), Israel Emergency Campaign (2006) are few of them. In the year 2009 JFNA introduced a new logo so as to symbolize a stronger brand and market name for the Jewish Community.


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