United Jewish Communities

United Jewish Community (UJC) is basically an amalgamation of 3 popular organizations which had similar goals. The United Jewish Communities officially changed its name as Jewish Federations of North America in the year 2009. This was to create a stronger brand and representation. The JFNA has a new logo too. It is easily rated among one of the most popular non-profit organizations in the world.

Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) is an umbrella organization that formally represents a network of hundreds of Jewish smaller federations and communities. Today this is one of the largest charitable networks in the United States.

The purpose of this union was to provide a network of social service programs working towards supporting humanitarian services in many countries across the world. The functioning of the organization is determined by its five "Pillars". However, one of the pillars was closed just a year after it came into existence. The following sections address the functioning of each pillar in the UJC.

Financial Resource Development: This pillar is mainly responsible for the fundraising tools and trends. It provides publications and consultation on fund raising for the local Jewish Communities.

Human Resources and Social Policy: As the name implies, this pillar addresses the human, health and social needs of the Jewish community. It provides planning, training, allocation and placement of staff resources.

Israel and Overseas Needs: This pillar addresses the Jewish communities' as a whole. It aids in the educational promotion of enhancing the Jewish needs. The representatives of this pillar work along with the representatives of the American Jewish Joint Distribution committee (JDC) and Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI), to create awareness about this topic.

The last functioning pillar of UJC is the Trust for Jewish Philanthropy Development. UJC is now considered amongst the well-known organizations not just in United States but in many other countries too.


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